Move Fitness and Wellness

Move Fitness and Wellness Group leads your business through the process of creating amazing digital fitness and wellness experiences on mobile apps.

We lead the way for you to create a unique fitness and wellness journey, taking the face-to-face experience into a digital landscape for your users.


Move Fitness and Wellness

Move Fitness and Wellness Group offers a unique range of skills in the fitness, wellness and technology space. We are passionate content creation specialists that have formal training in exercise science, research and customer experience across digital landscapes. With our niche skills we provide your business with customer centered design and content for your digital platform. This involves merging skills in user experience, technology and exercise science principles while providing subject matter expertise to other areas of your business thus creating engagement and business growth. We uphold your brand by delivering high quality fitness and wellness content that is backed by science while providing the best customer experience possible.

Our Work

Move Fitness and Wellness Group aims to support and facilitate your business objects and business partners by creating highly engaging content across all digital platforms. We do this through researching, initiating and onboarding strategic partners, creating and implementing guidelines for partners, work with your partners to ensure high quality fitness and wellness programs and content are produced for your digital experience. We use data to drive decisions for program development, provide expert advice to develop your product, create consistent branding and tone of voice throughout the user journey and provide fitness and wellness insights and trends to marketing teams around user-focused content, therefore increasing long term value.

Move Fitness and Wellness Group has worked with brands such as Sweat, Kayla Itsines, Kelsey Wells, Chontel Duncan, Stephanie Sanzo, Fitness on Optus Sport, Pop Sugar, University of South Australia, Strong Fitness Magazine, Women’s Health and Recovr.


Our Services

Move Fitness and Wellness Group offers a range of services to your digital fitness and wellness needs. As experts in this field we work with your business from ideation through to launch and beyond. We assist throughout the entire process by making your fitness and wellness vision into a reality. See below for our offerings.



Move Fitness and Wellness Group provides bespoke consultancy in the digital fitness and wellness space. We undertake specialist consulting projects that inform, advise and deliver on a range of niche challenges in the mobile app space.

Subject Matter Expert for Content Marketing & Social Marketing

We provide support for content producers in creation and execution of briefs, including ensuring all content aligns with the brands tone of voice and upholds the brands image.


Public Relations

Writing or curating engaging exercise content that public relations can pitch to the media. Some examples of our published content can be found in Pop Sugar, Harpers Bazar, Guardian, Women’s Health, Strong Fitness Magazine, Feel Good You, Daily Mail and New York Times.


Provide subject matter expertise in the fitness, wellness and technology space by guiding your business through creating the personal trainer experience in a digital platform.

Strategic Partnerships

We create research proposals and guidelines to help inform strategic direction for your business. This includes potential partnerships with talent that align with your brand and negotiate and onboard these relationships.


Research and Customer Insights

Maintain a deep understanding of trends in the fitness, wellness and tech space to provide current research to improve your members’ experience, satisfaction and engagement.

In App Content Creation and Coordination

Project lead content creation from your vision to launching your app.

Ilea Worsfold

As an exercise scientist, researcher, author and content creation specialist, I have experience in representing the interests of organisations that operate across the health, fitness, wellness and technology fields. I love delivering research driven, innovative, unique and engaging advice to my brands that inspires their customers on their wellness journey.
My passion is guiding the brands I have worked with through the process of taking real life fitness and wellness experiences, presenting them in an engaging and interactive digital space that gets real results from their users. By using my well-developed skills in attention to detail, problem solving and concern for excellence, I have successfully delivered content to enhance my employers’ reputation amongst members, trainers, business partners and the media.

With a focus on keeping ahead of the curve, I enjoy researching emerging fitness trends and research based frameworks to assist with strategic and organisational planning. My experience across a diverse range of organisations has fueled my passion to contribute my skills in exercise science, population health and technology to inspire and improve the health of millions worldwide.