In App Content Creation and Coordination
Project lead content creation from your vision to launching your app. This includes:

  • Creating science based exercise and wellness content that is technically and aesthetically sound while ensuring programs follow best practices from an exercise delivery point of view (e.g. post pregnancy recovery).
  • Organising production e.g. creating exercise lists, run sheets and providing direction on shoot days from an organisational standpoint and technique curation,
  • Creating in app written copy including exercise instructions, frequently asked questions, blogs and exercise glossaries,
  • Conduct post production curation of filmed workout content including thumbnails.
  • Coordinating, organsing and uploading all content into your CMS.

We have been the project leads for the following exercise programs:

  • Kelsey Wells – PWR at Home 2.0
  • Kelsey Wells – PWR 3.0
  • Chontel Duncan – FIERCE at HOME 1.0
  • Chontel Duncan – FIERCE 2.0
  • Various SWEAT Challenges
  • Recovr – 40+ rehabilitation and self care programs
  • Fitness on Optus Sport – content curation of 1000+ workouts

Links to Sweat program info:

PWR by Kelsey Wells – Sweat Support

PWR at Home by Kelsey Wells – Sweat Support

FIERCE by Chontel Duncan – Sweat Support

FIERCE at Home by Chontel Duncan – Sweat Support

How do Challenges work?

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