Subject Matter Expert for Content Marketing & Social Marketing
We provide support for content producers in creation and execution of briefs, including ensuring all content aligns with the brands tone of voice and upholds the brands image. We specifically collaborate with copy writing to produce content that is scientifically valid, on brand and written in a way that can be easily consumed by the reader. We partner with social marketing and business partners to write or co-create highly engaging content that is distributed via social media platforms. Collaborate with both content and social marketing to prepare content calendars showcasing content in a way that best attracts and engages customers while contributing to conversions.

The following social media posts are a sample of our work where we have provided subject matter expert advice in exercise science to social marketing in ideation, curation, writing and editing social media posts.

Steph Sanzo Upper Body

Kayla Itsines Lunge Progression

Steph Sanzo Leg Workout

Kayla Itsines Ab Challenge

​​Kelsey Wells PWR 2.0

Chontel Duncan Full Body Tabata

Kelsey Wells Chair Workout

Chontel Duncan AMRAP

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